Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Don't forget without a fight.

Understanding the threat Alzheimer's disease poses to its population, the Florida Legislature committed $150 million, $15 million a year for ten years, to build the strongest Alzheimer's fighting machine in the nation. The Byrd Institute was built to serve as the hub of a wheel, its spokes extending to all Alzheimer's researchers in the state. In little more than a few years, the Byrd succeeded in getting their designation as an Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC). This is an incredible accomplishment, considering there are only 32 of these places in the country. Considering Florida's population, we could use about a dozen more...

Anyway, the Byrd just had its official opening last month - memory clinic, floor after floor of labs, data centers, really incredible. Imagine my shock to learn their budget is on the chopping block! What! We're cutting Alzheimer's research in Florida? All I can think is that the Legislature must not understand how protective Alzheimer's families are of this research. It's our only hope! When you've lived through the horror of this disease as my family has - and if you're reading this blog your family probably has, too - silently watching research take hits like this is not an option for me. I hope it isn't for you either. Please share this video with any one you think might make a difference.

Don't forget without a fight!

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