Saturday, April 12, 2008

On wings of local eagles

Before I tell you an amazing story, I want to let you know that in March, The Unforgettable Fund donated $2,000 to Dr. Claes Wahlestedt at Scripps Florida for his Alzheimer's research. We've also agreed to give Dr. Malcolm Leissring at Mayo Jacksonville $4,500 to fund a top-notch research assistant in his Alzheimer's lab for the months of June, July and August. He is going to be posting about this shortly.

Everybody, take a bow, imagine thunderous applause. You did this. You made this possible. Every penny went right to where it's needed most, in the lab. And that's the role The Unforgettable Fund plays - getting donations directly to Alzheimer's researchers.

Which brings me to the amazing story I mentioned earlier. About two months ago, Linda Rotman from Ft. Lauderdale called me and asked for The Unforgettable Fund credentials, documentation of our 501c(3) non-profit status, and our mission. She had read Sally Apgar's Sun-Sentinel story in November 2007 about The Unforgettable Fund. I sent the information she had requested and that was that.

Well, this past weekend, Linda called again. She was so excited to tell me the news! And now I'm so excited to tell you! Her organization, the Fraternal Order of Eagles 3140 (the F.O.E to regulars) in Ft. Lauderdale has raised a substantial amount of money for Alzheimer's research and their national organization, the Grand Aerie, is awarding The Unforgettable Fund a grant of $5,000 with an additional grant to be announced on April 26, the night of their famous pig roast! I can't tell you how long it's been since I've used so many exclamation points in one paragraph! I just love this story! Linda, along with her co-chair Stephanie Livesey, got out the word about Alzheimer’s and made a most incredible thing happen by doing what it is they do at their club - they cooked, had karaoke nights, played games and cards, Linda said she's never cooked as much as she has in the past month! I'm so taken with their effort that I can't find the words to adequately express how we feel. We're just blown away.

Malcolm is coming down from Mayo Jacksonville, Claes is coming from Scripps Florida in Jupiter, Barbara Noble is coming from Scripps Florida, too. Sally Apgar is coming from the Sun-Sentinel, Anita Mitchell is coming from the mighty, mighty Mitchell Group of West Palm Beach, and, of course, my mother, Gertrude, is coming, too. And from the City of Winter Garden, a contingent is planning a trip down made up of Dolores Key and Andrea Vaughn. Adding to the party, Chris Mee, son of Richard Mee, our original honorary board member, is coming as well. Susan Shepard, our science translator, will be coming, too, along with her mother Riba, who needs no translation.

I will be bringing the camera - I'm not sure what one does at a pig roast but I can't wait to find out - because I want to post pictures of the event on this blog. I want to see if a photograph can in any way capture for all of you the kind of enthusiasm, generosity and awareness the F.O.E 3140 of Ft. Lauderdale has raised. Does it get any better than this? Be sure to check back after April 26!


  1. I'll be awaiting April 25th with bated, er, eyes! Fabulous news; and, I have to say, considering the organization into whose hands this funding miracle was delivered for performance, not at all out of character for such fraternal/sororal organizations. I've noticed, throughout my life, that people who come together in organizations such as the FOE, Eastern Star, Masons and Shriners, Elks, etc., all those who seriously celebrate the siblinghood of humanity are always prepared to go the extra mile for their fellow siblings and act on the idea that everyone is a sibling.
    It stirs the heart to hear about this. Congratulations to the Unforgettable Fund and salutations to F.O.E. 3140 in Ft. Lauderdale!

  2. Patty, this is wonderful news! I'm so happy for you and so proud of you!