Friday, April 24, 2009

Eagles fly to Jupiter

On Monday, April 13, a small contingent from Ft. Lauderdale's Fraternal Order of Eagles winged its way north up I-95 to meet with The Unforgettable Fund and to tour both the Alzheimer's lab at Scripps Florida and the Curna Lab at Alexandria Innovation Center in Jupiter.

What would bring this group out of its comfortable nest in Broward all the way to Abacoa? These women want to fight Alzheimer's disease and have taken up the cause by supporting the Alzheimer's research of Dr. Claes Wahlestedt of Scripps Florida and Dr. Malcolm Leissring of Mayo Jacksonville.

Since 2008, their F.O.E Aerie 3140 has donated a total of $13,000 to The Unforgettable Fund, a 501c(3) charity founded by Patty McNally Doherty of Palm Beach Gardens after the death of her father in 2006. This charity is able to donate every penny raised into the labs of Dr. Wahlestedt and Dr. Leissring because everyone who works with The Unforgettable Fund works for free. And for this luncheon, that included the chefs at Cooks on Main Street in Abacoa.

They donated a three-course instructional luncheon, with fresh mozzarella salad, an entrée of grilled vegetables with goat cheese, seafood quesadilla, and mini portabello/sirloin burgers, followed by a chocolate paté with Apricot jam quinelles.

With a meal like this, Cooks' guests were not able to eat like birds...

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