Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Brief Dream

I don't often dream about my father but yesterday I did. He was in a white guayabera. He simply said, "Don't be like me. Be instead of me."

I've been pondering that all day.

Any thoughts?


  1. Yes, I have a thought. Lately, while still struggling with my grief, I've had explosions of inspiration, as though they were coming from my mother's spirit, telling me that by continuing to live my adventures, I am allowing her to continue hers. Not really quite "instead of", more like, "along with".
    Odd that I would have this recurring thought, too, because I've always staunchly believed that no one can live life for another; thus, the idea makes me a bit uncomfortable but, excites me, as well.
    The excitement is hard to lingualize. It's as though I'm realizing, because I carry her genes, there's a connection that we as humans don't yet understand and mostly ignore or deny but that exists, nonetheless, and allows, if we're interested, some essence of us that exists beyond death to continue to participate in and experience life in this system.
    Weird, weird, weird.
    Oh, well, that's my thought.

  2. I had a dream about my dad not long after he passed away. He was in the front yard standing by his old red ford in his overalls and holding his fishing pole. Since fishing is what we did most of our lives together I think he was showing me he was happy now like he was in life.